Tarnopolsky Vladimir

Четверть века в фарватере Новой музыки, или Музыка ХХI века — взгляд изнутри


Vladimir G. Tarnopolsky, professor of composition at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, is talking about the establishment of the ensemble of soloists ‘Studio for New Music’ (1993), the leading ensemble of modern music in Russia, and its main goals. The activity of such departments of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory as the Center for Contemporary Music, the Contemporary Music Department and the ‘Studio for New Music’, established with the direct participation of Tarnopolsky, is considered by the interviewee in the broader cultural context.


Register of Our Delusions. Part 2: conversations with composers (presenter — A. A. Amrakhova)

A. A. Amrakhova's questions are answered by the leading Russian composers: V. G. Tarnopolskiy, Yu. S. Kasparov, Yu. V. Vorontsov, F. K. Karayev, K. A. Umanskiy, D. A. Kurlyandskiy. The discussion is focused on the problems of composition teaching in a contemporary cultural situation, the changed scale of values, and the specifics of the composers‘ analysis of music.

contemporary music, avant-gardism, postmodernism, composition teaching, the musicologist’s and composer’s analysis, traditions and epigonism in art