Kurlyandskiy Dmitriy

Composer, Musical Director of the K. S. Stanislavsky Moscow Dramatic Theatre (“Stanislavsky Electrotheatre”)

E-mail: kourliandski@googlemail.com

Register of Our Delusions. Part 2: conversations with composers (presenter — A. A. Amrakhova)

A. A. Amrakhova's questions are answered by the leading Russian composers: V. G. Tarnopolskiy, Yu. S. Kasparov, Yu. V. Vorontsov, F. K. Karayev, K. A. Umanskiy, D. A. Kurlyandskiy. The discussion is focused on the problems of composition teaching in a contemporary cultural situation, the changed scale of values, and the specifics of the composers‘ analysis of music.

contemporary music, avant-gardism, postmodernism, composition teaching, the musicologist’s and composer’s analysis, traditions and epigonism in art