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Prof. Natalia Simakova

ISSN 2308-1333

Prof. Natalia Simakova, D.A.

Music Theory Department of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory


Polyphony as an Educational Course of the Future



The article tells about three new study guides on polyphony that are now in different degrees of readiness. The first one, which is completed and awaiting publication, is called “An ABC of Polyphony”: it contains funny pictures and quite strict music examples. The second one, which is now in its middle degree of readiness, is an anthology called “The Twelve Centuries of Polyphonic Music”: this is a collective work which will allow every teacher to essentially diversify a course of polyphony he/she teaches, as well as not only to supply his/her lectures with bright music examples but also to consider certain polyphonic genres in their evolution. The third one is an innovative collective manual whose authors have just started working on it very recently.




a course for higher educational institutions,

Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory,

“An ABC of Polyphony”,

“The Twelve Centuries of Polyphonic Music”,

a collective manual-to-be on polyphony.