My meetings with Nikolai Korndorf


In this article the Journal publishes the memories by Professor Yu. V. Vorontsov about the Soviet and Russian composer N. S. Korndorf (1947 – 2001), who taught at the Moscow Conservatory in 1972 – 1991. During the story, the Professor reveals interesting details of the historical context of meetings with his elder contemporary, highlights the remarkable details of his own creative biography, and also touches upon a number of difficult artistic and aesthetic issues. Among the latter is the influence of metatext and intertext on the depth of the artistic content of the work and on the perception of this work. In addition, the author provides data from his own well-aimed analytical observations on the style of Korndorf, trying to reveal the special mechanisms of artistic thinking of the composer in terms of the principle of intertextuality.



Nikolai Korndorf, intertextuality, artistic thinking, Soviet music, composer’s style