On the Phenomenon of a Revolution in View of Jean Renoir (materials of the III International Congress of Russian Society on Music Theory)


Jean Renoir had an original take on the artistic reality and sociocultural sphere. His aesthetic‑philosophic conception is important for the history of cinema, firstly, because it demonstrates actualization of the French mentality in cinematograph, secondly, because it clarifies Renoir’s worldview intention to a great extent. In the article the most important aspects of Renoir’s conception are analyzed: the problem of a style as a phenomenon which develops in history; the specifics of social hierarchy as embodying of intellectual-psychological difference between groups of people which form a society; peculiar properties of incarnation of the specificity of the national in cinema. Though aspects of Renoir’s conception aren’t brought to a common denominator, they constitute the unique worldview unity and cause the entirety of the filmmaker’s artistic world.



Jean Renoir, revolution, historical style, stylization, the national in an art, artistic reality, “La grande illusion”