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Prof. Tatiana Naumenko

ISSN 2308-1333

Prof. Tatiana Naumenko, D.A.

Head of the Music Theory Department of Russia’s Gnessins Music Academy


Today’s Musicology and “The Style of the Time”



The article views the recent situation in musicology. Musicology is considered as both an independent area of knowledge and within the context of other humanities that are all unified by a trend of overcoming the consequences of the epoch of ideological coercion at various levels of scientific utterance. Special features of the topics of brand-new scientific researches, as well as modern methodological approaches and the criteria of interpreting some artistic phenomena are described. An especially important role of musicology is marked in the light of some modern tendencies, such as historical nostalgia (for example, “nostalgia for the Soviet past”) and so-called author’s eschatology (“the end of composers’ time”).



Post-Soviet musicology, topical trends, topics of recent researches, forgotten and non-listened music, methodological renewal of musicology.