The Concept of “Multimedia” in the Music of Igor Kefalidi

At the present time the concept of “multimedia” is quite widespread and is used in education, science, art and advertisement; in the sphere of music it is used in clips of entertainment genres. The aim of the article is to trace the circle of phenomena of multimedia in the works of a composer of the academic tradition – Igor Kefalidi. Most typical for this composer is the following triad of components: electronic sounds, the sounding of acoustic instruments and video footage, in particular, in his best compositions – “TapeEхt” and “S_S_S”. In addition, the composer has written compositions, which include: instrumental theater – electronics, percussion instruments, theatrical motions and video (“Percato molto”); dance – electronics, dance, percussion and video (“Sophisteia”); vocals – electronics, human voice, wind instruments and video (“…so und auch so…”); employment of laser beams (“Feu le fol, eh!”). The author knows multimedia works by other composers without electronics: instrumental ensemble and video (Francois Paris). As a representative example, the article examines the composition “S_S_S”, created with the assistance of artist Andrew Quinn.

Multimedia, electronic music, video, Igor Kefalidi, Andrew Quinn.