From Heroic Epic Olonkho — to Opera and Film Music (the Stages of Development of the Music of Yakut Composers)


The article considers the role of the national musical culture of Sakha in the formation and development of classical music of Yakutia in the 20th – 21st centuries. The author offers the periodization of the Yakut composers' music, traces the connections between folk music and classical music at all stages of development. A special attention is paid to the preparatory phase (1930s — mid 1940s), within which the values of Sakha musical folklore were transmitted to the classical musical culture.

The development process of Yakut classical music is divided into 4 stages, each of which is generally characterized from the point of view of the interaction of classical music with folk traditions. The author designates composers, major genres and works of each stage, identifies the main stylistic features of classical music, associated with the folklore.


composers of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakut academic music, folk music of Sakha, Olonkho, Opera, genres of the Yakut classical music, the periodization of the Yakut classical music