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Some Features of Form-Building in Modern Rock Music

ISSN 2308-1333


In this article, features of form-building in rock music are considered in aspect of their evolution in the context of two trends, that is, immanent transformations and introduction of new principles from outside. The first is connected with the transformation of the song composition due to the internal resources of the verse material, the second is connected with the influence of other forms of European music, implying other means of development of material in comparison with the verse-chorus principle, and with the formation of a through-composed song-strophic form, in which the musical-dramaturgical factor plays an important role. Various modifications of the latter are subjected to special consideration in the article. One of them is characterized by a plain dynamic relief. Another modification represents a gradual (sometimes in a wave form) ascent to the culmination. At last, there exists the third variant which is characterized by musical contrasts and a tonal transition. Besides, the modifications can interact with each other and form different combinations. Compositions of modern art and progressive rock (Yes, Porcupine Tree, Radiohead, Anathema, Muse and other groups) are analyzed in the article.



rock, couplet form, The Beatles, art rock, progressive rock, musical dramaturgy