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Asst. Prof. Michail Pylaev

ISSN 2308-1333

Asst. Prof. Michail Pylaev, Ph.D. in History of Arts,

Musicology and Music Pedagogy Department of the Perm State Humanitarian University of Pedagogy (the Ural Area)


Carl Dahlhaus about the Future of the 18–20th-century Music Analysis



The article considers the development of attitudes towards the issue of music and musical form analysis in the writings by leading music theorists of Germany from the 18th through the beginning of the 20th centuries represented on the basis of the works by Carl Dahlhaus, the greatest German musicologist of the second half of the 20th century. According to his opinion, both the aesthetics of feeling (Gefühlsästhetik) and the theory of musical form analysis (Formenlehre) should be unified in today’s aesthetics and music theory at some new level. This becomes possible within the frameworks of “newer” musical hermeneutics, related most of all with Carl Dahlhaus’s oeuvre.



“newer” musical hermeneutics,

aesthetics of feeling (Gefühlsästhetik),

theory of musical form analysis (Formenlehre),

Carl Dahlhaus, August Otto Halm, Heinrich Christoph Koch, Adolf Bernhard Marx, Hugo Riemann.