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M. Girfanova. "The development of isorhythm in early motets by Philippe de Vitry"

ISSN 2308-1333

Assc. Prof. Marina Girfanova, Ph.D. in Art Studies
Zhiganov Kazan State Conservatory (Academy), Composition and Music Theory Department

The development of isorhythm in early motets by Philippe de Vitry

The article is dedicated to the early stage of the development of isorhythmic motet, whose invention was attributed to Philippe de Vitry by his contemporaries. The reasons of the forming of sectional isorhythm in the parts above the tenor are searched as exemplified by his early motets from the Roman de Fauvel collection, which already reveal their isorhythmic features. The connectedness of all isorhythmic elements at a level of their idea, which underlies one or another Philippe de Vitry’s artistic innovation in the area of rhythm of his early motets, serves a proof for some new concept of the genre.

Philippe de Vitry, isorhythm, isorhythmic motets, isorhythmic period, sectional isorhythm, talea, color, Ars nova, modal rhythm, mensural notation