Approaches to the Interpretation of the Harmonic Rhythm in Foreign Musicology

The article analyzes the development of the subcategory "harmonic rhythm" in a foreign musicology of XX-th century. Prerequisites for this approach are marked out in the works by H. Riemann, E, Kurt and H. Schenker. Particular attention is paid to the development of the idea of ​​harmonic rhythm and ways of its analysis in the works by W. Pistone, J. LaRue, C. Schachter, M. Yeston and J. Swain. Narrow and broad senses in the treatment of harmonic rhythm are proposed for contemporary musicology.

Key words
rhythm, harmonic rhythm, Schenker’s school, W. Pistone, J. LaRue, C. Schachter, M. Yeston, J. Swain.