Words of Varese and about him (from the Archives of composer in Paul Sacher Stiftung)

The article is devoted to archival materials of Edgard Varèse, which are stored in Paul Sacher Stiftung (Bazel, Switzerland). The collection of Edgard Varèse reflects many aspects of his creative and personal life; this consists of correspondence, manuscripts of music and lectures, notebooks, photographs… Correspondence of the composer includes both the names which is widely known (Ch. Ives, J. Cage, H. Villa-Lobos, L. Stokowski, A. Schoenberg, P. Boulez, I. Xenakis, T. Khrennikov), and the names of regular listeners, who wrote to him about their impressions. The texts of lectures which were delivered by composer in different years of his life constitute a special part of the archive. Representing Varèse as a composer and lecturer, the archives help to reveal another side of his creative personality — that is teaching. Varèse has taught at several universities of the USA (such as University of Columbia and Princeton) and quite uncompromising, if not revolutionary, talked about the problems of music education.

Edgard Varèse, Paul Sacher Stiftung, American music, contemporary composition, «liberation of sound», electronic music, composers of the 20th century