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Asst. Prof. Grigory Lyzhov

ISSN 2308-1333

Asst. Prof. Grigory Lyzhov, Ph.D. in History of Arts,

Music Theory Department of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory


Bridge to Modernity”: The Harmony Course Targeted at the Learning of Musical Styles



Harmony as an educational course targeted specifically at the learning of musical styles has been taught in Russia during the last two decades, which can be proved by a series of study guides recently published. The goal of this harmony course targeted at the learning of musical styles was worded by Prof. Yury Kholopov, its pioneer and founder at the Moscow Conservatory (since 1980), as “a bridge to modernity.” An approach to harmony in terms of style connects this course with music history, which allows students as if to feel the process of musical harmony evolution through their personal experience, as well as takes the development of purely theoretical notions to a new level by way of their simultaneous grounding in the very phenomenon of musical harmony.



Harmony, style, a higher educational institution, Prof. Yury Kholopov, history, theory.