“Profound Change in Style” in W. A. Mozart’s oeuvre: Sonata KV 533/494

It is known that Mozart’s acquaintance with the art of J. S. Bach, G. F. Handel and С. P. E. Bach in 1780s exerted such a strong influence on the composer that this fact allowed Hermann Abert to designate the subsequent period as a “profound change in style”. This change was expressed in the appeal to the old forms and techniques, in the increasing importance of polyphony. The influence of this latter was so strong that, in fact, it is possible to speak about appearance of a special type of mixed form (homophonic coupled with polyphonic). The task of the article consists in showing by the example of the piano sonata KV 533/494 the result of form mixing which variety seems to be in inseparability of opposite principles within united homophonic and polyphonic space. The subject of the article is focused on the compositional ideas of W. A. Mozart observed in terms of history of form evolution.

Mozart, polyphony, homophony, mixed forms, big polyphonic form, sonata, imitation, canon, sequence