Music criticism – yesterday, today… And will it be tomorrow?


The problems of the round table are determined by the enormous changes in music criticism that happened in the XX century in comparison with the XIX century. The leitmotif going through all the conversations are thoughts of how manifestations of essentially critical forms have changed: immediate feedback (which today is not obligatory), enlightenment orientation (which has ceased to be the prerogative only of criticism), the language itself has changed which includes everyday‑life modus nowadays. A separate semantic layer of conversations is scientific criticism, which it is high time to bring to light. Today, scientific life is unthinkable without a huge number of reviews, comments, all kinds of expert assessments – beginning with the reviews of opponents when dissertations are being supported, till pedagogical documentation. All these activities, in order to raise their status, also need an open discussion. T. A. Kurysheva, A. A. Ustinov, K. V. Zenkin, R. A. Nassonov took part in the talks.



Music criticism, music journalism, stratification of speaking style, education, scientific criticism