Register of Our Delusions (conversations and reflections concerning Russian musicology, presenter — A. A. Amrakhova)

Prominent Russian musicologists L. O. Akopyan, M. A. Saponov, R. A. Nassonov and K. V. Zenkin in their conversations with A. A. Amrakhova discuss the problems that are topical for contemporary musicology in Russia: the special musicological methods of research, the latest trends in humanitarian methodology, the discrepancy of the classical analytical apparatus with contemporary musical art. In an attempt to answer the question “What theories and ideas deserve today a serious reassessment?” — a “register of our delusions” is created.
The article by prof. T. S. Kyureghyan “Three questions without answers, or, Is the State Standard in fine arts education possible?” which completed the original “roundtable” states the crucial problems of musicologists’ training. How to combine unified requirements of state standard with the individual approach which is indispensable for art and art studies? How to combine the growing number of academic disciplines with the depth of their perception? How not to sacrifice genuine musical professionalism in the striving for broad arts education? Only a strong creative personality that fits in with any standards badly can overcome these contradictions.

Problems of modern musicology, methodology of musicology, recent scientific delusions, learning standards in fine arts, music education in Russia