Delayed Premieres


The topic for discussion of the leading musicologists-historians S. I. Savenko, L. V. Kirillina, Yu. S. Veksler was the phenomenon of “delayed premieres” in world culture, when the opus was first presented to the public much later than the time of the end of work on it. The problem is considered in a broad cultural aspect, since such a reinterpretation of cultural events when they fall into a different historical environment is a fairly common phenomenon.

Composers K. A. Umansky and F. K. Karayev discuss modifications in works that occur when the author returns to their opuses after some time. In their statements, the composers reveal the subtleties of reinterpretations concerning the content and image.

The virtual round table concludes with a detailed interview with A. K. Vustin, dedicated to his Opera “The Devil in Love” (1989), which was first staged at the Stanislavski and Nemirovich‑Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theater 30 years after its writing (2019, directed by A. B. Titel, conducted by V. M. Jurowski).



A. K. Vustin, “The Devil in Love”, F. K. Karayev, K. A. Umanskiy, dating of cultural phenomena, stratification of significance, historical context